Any girl, I think, is not indifferent to the decorations. It's always something beautiful or pretty. Jewellery has always complement your look, make it more attractive and fresh.

In the shop TeaCupCastle, which is incredibly kind and polite girl - Angela, a very good assortment of accesories. You can find rings, necklaces, earrings, etc., at very reasonable price.

To review, I chose a ring with a mustache, as they found it very nice. Looks unusual, and in Russia, I have not found that. The ring looks very funny on his arm, and at the same time very original.
I love this kind of thing.

Next, I chose the "surprise-box." The essence of this box is that you do not know what will be in it lie. I ventured, though I do not like surprises. It is not always a pleasant surprise there. haha ^^

When I opened the box, I was not nearly as disappointed, because I came across a lovely ring in the form of the famous dessert "Macaron". His and want to eat, right? :D

Together with the charming ring in the "secret box" concealed these earrings in the shape of scissors. I really never before and never seen such, is not it cool? They fit great in my school look. I was dressed all in black, and watch as it is too dark, but it was necessary to put on earrings, as played look and looked quite different. 
They are wonderful!

I must say that jewelry is incredibly cute and made very high quality. Parcel arrived quickly and well packaged. Treat yourself to beautiful decorations TeaCupCastle ♥ ~




Hi! Because of the training I have not had time to update the blog, have accumulated so much to do, and I hope to finish them by the end of the week. Wish me luck ^ _ ^ 

Today I will tell you about the Korean brand

Certainly, few people know of the existence of this brand, and I did not know :в 
I am a long time to decide whether I try something new or not, but in the end I decided.

Today we will talk directly about three products: mascara, lipstick and powder. 

I hope you enjoy ~

First of all I want to tell about the powder. It is suitable for all skin types and p
erfectly fits to your face.
Also, this powder is just perfect for those who constantly 
breaks and drops. It's about me :D

I used it today on myself and oh lordy, I am a little bit in love! 
It is so similar to the one I already use but if its possible, its even finer, so concealing and diffusing any imperfections whilst leaving my skin a nice amount of matt. 
It also smells amazing.


Can not be left unattended sponge. He is very voluminous, 
although the picture is not visible. I am very pleased with this powder!

Close Up Decuple Fitting Powder (#23 Natural)

Next ^^~

Packaging is simple and neat unlike most of other products which are very princess-y. 
This is actually the new packaging since the previous version of this was 
shaped more like Maybelline's mascaras. 

There is something about these slim type brush mascaras that I really love. 
It helps me reach those tiny hairs on the side better. 
Aside from having eyes, my lashes are really short. 

Mascara with convenient packaging, great extend, making bulky and thick
eyelashes, BUT! it makes lashes crumples. This is the only minus т.т

At the Party Long & Perm Mascara (Black)

next ~
I like plain packaging, because in all the beauty of simplicity ^ _ ^

And the last thing I will tell you today - it's lipstick. I waited for her 
very much because she wanted to see if my lips are orange.

In the picture and in real life the color orange lipstick,
but it is pink on the lips. Why so? TT

However, I'm not too upset. Beautiful color of lipstick, and since in Moscow quietly spring comes, it will be very handy. 
Color is very playful, will remind me of summer soon approaching ❤

One Touch Bling Glow Lipstick

Good week, dearzz ~



Hi, deer's

Today we will focus on the lenses of the site OhMyLens
Lens came to me about 10 days ago and I am very ashamed that I pulled from the overview.


And so, first of all I want to say that I'm just a bastard 
from the lenses with a larger diameter, but since 
I was very tired eyes, every day I wear a small diameter.

I must say, all parcels that always come good and tightly packed. 
This assumption is no exception. 
Jars which were lenses were tightly secured plastic packaging.

view jars + case for lenses.


Brand : ICK [Brandshop]
 Diameter: 14.8
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 42%
Life Span: 6 Months

My only gripe with the design is that it doesn't blend into my eyes 
as nicely as I'd like it to, but other than that I like how they look.
 Lenses are really nice, and the black bezel makes it look more charming.

The problem is not in the lens, and in my eyes. 
I can not wear long lenses with a larger diameter. My eyes are tired. 
But they are adorable, so sometimes necessary to suffer the inconvenience. Haha

No complaints here! The enlargement is perfect for big barbie-like eyes.

Definitely these lenses deserve to be loved: D 
Though I can not wear them for more than four hours, I forget about tiredness, 
when I look at my reflection in these lenses. 
They are so wonderful in his eyes that I can not put into words. 
You all remember the doll-Barbie, right? So, these are the eyes of Barbie.
 I was able to try them for myself ^ _ ^




Hi! Let me now tell you about yet another sponsor lenses. 
The package of 5 pairs of lenses (unfortunately for my stupidity I broke one and I had to get rid of them ㅠ _ ㅠ).

When I picked up the package and I could not think that 
in such a tiny and thin box 5 pairs of contact lenses , haha :D

If your eyes are black or dark brown, these lenses will not block 
your color, but in sunlight or flash your eyes are brown. 
I do not think that the pattern of lenses which is unusual,
 but they are definitely very cute!

The lenses are not the most comfortable, I will not lie, 
after 3 hours of wearing eyes began to blush a little bit, 
and after 4 and does hurt. (Although I think all of this :в)

They slightly increase the eye and look very natural. 
My mom they like because they are not big and cute look ra eyes :)

To be honest, I have long wanted to try on itself such lenses 
and are very glad that Klenspop sent them to me to review! I am very 
pleased with these lenses and are happy to wear them when I want to make 
a light make-up, they look cute and cool ^^ 
(My sister was taken from me one pair ㅠ ___ ㅠ).




Today I will tell you about yet another lens from Klenspop. To be honest, this is the second in a row posting from them, and I am very pleased. as the quality of their lenses just wonderful!

These lenses do not increase the eye, and they are perfec
 for those who do not go dolly eyes. 
So they will look with a touch of make-up! 
                pretty, right?

Brand: M.I Contact
Diameter: 14.0mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.2mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year (Max)
Country of origin: South Korea

These lenses do not have any transitions from color to color. 
Figure looks natural.

These lenses veeeeery and very soft. 
Due to the fact that they are not large, they are easy to dress up 
and the eyes of them do not get tired.

These lenses will not make your eyes visually bigger, 
but they are just like you! if you do not like to go somewhere or without lenses, 
this is a great choice for you, 
since they do not feel the eyes and beautiful outline the iris

I love this lens, seriously! I can not always wear lenses with a 
larger diameter due to the fact that your eyes get tired, 
and tired with these lenses is not felt. Eyes appear as buttons:D 
I haven't bad comments to this lens ❤


Bye  ~